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Since 2011, Terevaka has offered a competitive internship program for outstanding undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. Interns will take part in all aspects of the outreach program, from project design to project publications. In many cases, TAO staff and interns will work long, hard days. Interns will be expected to serve as role models, teachers, research assistants, and friends for local high school students. Interns will also help to guide local students in fieldwork, archival research at the Padre Sebastián Englert Anthropological Museum, and computer work for organizing data. Interns will also serve as chaperones for the 10-20 local high school students that camp out on the hotel property for a two-week span.

All interns will be expected to take part in internship activities on the island for approximately 4 weeks (late June to late July, 2022 -- exact dates coming soon). Arrival and departure dates may be flexible to accomodate international travel.

TAO and Explora hotel provide food and transportation for all interns for the duration of the internship on the island. Interns are responsible for their own airfare and costs of recreational activities on the island.

Interns will spend the majority of their nights camping on the property of Explora hotel. Interns will have regular access to showers, bathrooms, a dining facility, and wi-fi.

All meals will be prepared for interns by the kitchen staff at Explora hotel. Most meals will be served in the staff dining facility of the hotel, but occasionally interns will take bagged lunches for fieldwork or field trips.

Interns will be living for four weeks on one of the most spectacular island settings in the world. The hotel property is located several kilometers away from the island's only town, Hanga Roa. All interns will not only have opportunities to visit Hanga Roa, but they will also take part in a number of group field trips to all corners of the islands. Interns will also have scheduled free time around the hotel to use wi-fi, or relax as they please.

To start your application for participation in TAO through Northern Arizona University, see the South America NAU program website.